Flash vs. Download the Great Debate

By Pamela PattersonGoogle
In the old days of online gambling, you mainly had one option to play at an online casino. That was to download the software and access it that way. With the popularity of Mac computers that were not compatible with most downloaded casinos, we have seen an increase in flash based software.

A flash program is one that does not need to be downloaded and can be used by a casino to allow its users to access their games instantly. This software also works on Mac computers making it easier for everyone to play casino games.

There are some differences between a flash and downloaded casino. Most don’t realize this and believe that they are the same. You could be missing out on some features by choosing one or the other if you don’t find out for yourself what each has to offer.


When you download the casino software you will be getting the full package. Everything the online casino has to offer will be included in the software. There are some common misconceptions about downloading anything on the internet and casino software falls into his category.

Many, not so savvy computer users feel that they will get a virus or somehow damage their computer by downloading anything. This is never the case with casino software.

The casinos want you to play so they can make money;they aren’t out to infect your computer. This serves no purpose for them and has never been an issue online. We can understand the concern as there are many malicious programs out there. But have no fear when downloading casino software.

With Flash casinos, there is no download, you simply click on the game you wish to play and your off and running. This makes a good option for those who are concerned about damaging their computers for some reason.


When using a flash casino program, you will notice a drop in the quality of graphics. The software is made for ease of use and does not really worry about how good it looks. It will still be pretty, but not as good as the downloaded form.

When you download casino software, it comes packed with all the resources and this includes the graphics. With a much larger program, you can pack in pretty graphics and sound. This may be a concern for some if you enjoy the visual side of casino games. It will not affect how you play;it’s simply an aesthetic choice.


When you download casino software your computer needs to meet certain requirements such as enough hard drive space, strong enough processors and so on. This is usually never an issue in today’s world as most computers are more than capable of handling this software. Unless you have a computer from 1990 you should be fine.

The flash version needs minimum requirements and takes up no space on your computer. The download version may take up a gig or two, but that’s barely a dent on most computers’ hard drive. However, if you do have a smaller hard drive or slow computer, the flash version will be a better option.


Perhaps the biggest difference between the two will be what is available. The downloaded form will have every game, every piece of software included. You can access the complete library of games and play them whenever you wish.

The flash versions however, may not have all the games included. Most online casinos will have a limited choice of their games library available on the flash version. So, unfortunately, if you enjoy a certain game, you may have to download the software to play it.

In my opinion, its best to go with the downloaded version as you get the best quality graphics, all the games and a better overall experience.< br />
For those with a Mac, it’s obviously best to play the flash version as this is your only option. It’s also a good option for those with slower computers or who don’t wish to use up computer resources. But for most of us, the downloaded version is a better option.

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