Bonuses Working Wonders for Player and Casino

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With the casinos offering such great value for money via a 100% deposit match, they are effectively assuming an increase in their own risk because many new online real money gamers using these bonuses are winning large cash amounts simply via their free 100% cash bonus awards.

A game that pays back say 95% means the casino only make 5% profit. For the casino to make the 100% deposit match bonus cash back, it needs a player to lose 5% of their investment 20 times. This is between sessions where players will of course be winning. With variation in play, the casino may never make this money back; therefore, today's casino players are in the money thanks to 100% deposit match casino bonus codes!

There is no doubt that the best bonuses out there are those that double a player's money. These are the well-known 100% bonus matches that are a common welcome bonus, but there's more.

In addition, the daily, weekly and monthly bonuses offering 100%/deposit matches at many casinos are also proving to be real value for money. Whether you play slots, blackjack, and roulette or simply love your Keno or lottery style games, the free bonuses are a way of reducing the house odds and considerably decreasing the amount of cash you can lose.
We are not talking about actually reducing the chance of the dealer winning or the slot machine making a profit, and instead we are talking about the players' odds by taking into account he/she has already reduced his/her own risk via a 100% bonus, so 50% of the new member's bankroll is already free. Therefore, the risk of losses have already been reduced by 50%.

How a Slot Machine Reduces Player Risk with 100% Deposit Matches

Big Bad Wolf; a Quickspin f lagship slot machine, comes with incredible 98% pay back odds. Effectively this means you should win $98 back from every $100 bet. However, due to variation and probability, you are not always going to win 98% of the time.

As a result, you could win 150% in a session or lose 50% in another session. As a rule of thumb these seemingly erratic probabilities do; in the end, even out. For instance, let's take 50 sessions of $100 per session playing Big Bad Wolf at a 98% return. After tracking your sessions, you go back through all 50 and notice some sessions you did extremely well; meanwhile, in the other sessions you lost your entire $100 investment.  FYI, these successful and unsuccessful sessions are known as an upswing and a downswing respectively. In the end you notice that you made $2,000 worth of bets and you won $1,900.

Large 100% deposit match bonuses can render all losses as uncountable giving you free plays on your favorite game

By continuing with the above example of the Big Bad Wolf slot machine we can now show you just why both the casino and player win.

We can see that in the example above the player has only lost $100. Imagine for a moment this is a new player to the casino. He/she will likely have a 100% deposit match bonus. Let's pretend this is the lowest Welcome Casino Bonus, so this is a standard 100% up to $200. Using the 20 session theory above, we know the player has lost $100, but is still actually $100 in profit thanks to the $200 Welcome Bonus.
20 Free Sessions, No Cash Spent and Still 50% Free Money to Spend ($2,000 of bets absolutely free)

Furthermore, this player has not spent any of his/her own cash and still has $100 in bonus cash remaining. The player has literally played $2,000 worth of bets for free. Amazing!

Another $2,000 Worth of Bets for Free and The Chance of a Jackpot Win

With $100 of bonus money remaining and $200 of deposited cash still available, in theory this player has another $2,000 worth of bets free to go. At the same time, this player could win big at any time if a massive bonus round or jackpot win happens to roll in.

Apply this Theory to Any Game

You can use this theory on any casino game. Just look at the house odds and use the simple theory above.

Use more Bonuses along the Way

If you can make use of additional bonuses along the way, you can reduce the odds of losing even further.

VIP Rewards

VIP loyalty rewards can gain players additional bonuses such as insurance and discount bets. On top of this, many of the VIP points awarded can be exchanged for cash.
As you can see, casino are keeping their players happy, and so they keep their loyal custom. It is clear online gaming is the best way to gamble rather than playing in often stingy brick and mortar casino that are only willing to give you a measly $20 chip.

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