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Poker has recently been hitting the headlines in the US as casino’s start to rip out the poker rooms in favour of the jackpot and poker slots where the profit is more lucrative. The new regulations that have his the online poker rooms has meant the game is dying.

Even so, poker is still a worldwide entity that is growing beyond anything anyone could have anticipated when the first World Series of Poker hit Las Vegas back in the seventies when 7 Card Stud, 5 Card Stud and Texas Hold’em were the games of choice.

The Birth of Casino Table Poker

With the complicated rules and different styles the game has been reinvented onto the casino floor into a spell bounding array of table games including Caribbean Stud Poker, Ride ‘em’ Poker, Jacks or Better, Head’s Up Hold’em, Pai Gow Poker and more. One of the most popular table versions of the game is 3 Card Bragg, which is also found under the aliases of 3 Card Poker and 3 card Second Chance.

3 Card Bragg Hand Ranking System

The normal poker ranking system counts for the most part except as the name of the game implies there are only 3 cards dealt to the player and 3 cards dealt to the dealer.
1st Straight Flush
2nd Three-of-a-Kind
3rd Straight
4th Flush
5th Pair
6th High Card
As you can see this is an exciting game where the three-of-a-kind is above a straight and flus and additionally the straight beats the flush. Additionally it’s worth noting 3-3-3 is the strongest three-of-a-kind hand, known as a Prial, beating the A-A-A hand.
How to Play 3 Card Bragg
An ante is needed in the ante box to kick start the deal where the dealer and player will be dealt 3 cards a piece. If the player feels their hand is strong then they can select ‘Ride’, which means placing an amount equal to the ante on the call box.

Once the call bet is down the house flips its 3 cards and the cards are compared. The dealer can only qualify with a hand minimum, which is usually a hand of Queen or higher.

If the player wins then the ante bet and the call bet are both paid back at even odds. For example, bet a $10 ante and a $10 call then the return is $40.
If the dealer doesn’t qualify then the ante bet is paid at even odds and the call bet is pushed, so returned to the player with no loss or profit attached to the risk.
Clearly, of the dealer wins all bets are surrendered to the house.

Pay outs

The better the hand the player gets the better the pay-outs. For instance, the ante bet is paid back at even odds on top of beating the dealer for landing a straight. A three of a kind is paid back at 4-1 and Straight Flush paid at 5 to 1.

Variety of 3 Card Bragg Games and Side Bet Options

There is a variety of versions available a nd the game can be found in almost every online casino and most of the live casinos, although in the smaller brick and mortar entities the game is not always found.
There are also various side bet options that can be found. The most common of these is the ‘Pair Bet’ option. This option gives players an additional pay out scheme for landing a hand.
Pair = 1-1
Flush = 4-1
Straight = 6-1
Three of a Kind = 30-1
Straight Flush = 40-1
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